Jonathan Beilin

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Curriculum Vitae

Jonathan Beilin is interested in the intersections of art, social justice, and technology.


  • Dartmouth College, 2003 - 2007 — Bachelor of Arts in Ancient History

    Additional coursework in art history, electronic music, and math. Curated a show on Futurism for the Hood Museum.


I'm competent at photography, video production, and writing. My camera and audio recorder rarely leave my side; I'm handy with Premiere, Lightroom, and Logic Pro. With only a keyboard, I can use Xcode and git. I can prototype things in openFrameworks and Processing, and build basic Arduino interfaces. I don't know all the shortcuts, but I can make stuff in Illustrator and Photoshop. I'm learning Unity and Cinema 4D, and I practice drawing with a Wacom and Painter.


  • Allied Media Conference, 2014 — Coordinator

    For the games-oriented track, "Imagining Better Futures Through Play", I helped to reach out to potential speakers, organize fundraising, and work on the general logistics of a conference.

  • Independent Games Festival, 2014 — Judge
  • DIY, 2012 - 2013 — iOS Product/Engineering

    At DIY, I led development of the 1.X series of the app and co-developed the 2.X series with Patrick Piemonte. The app was an Apple Editor's choice twice and is included in the permanent Education collection. In addition to coding, I worked on the feature roadmap and designed and developed many UI animations. I wireframed and storyboarded the lavish sign up procedure in the 1.X series to successfully boost low sign-up comletion rates. Outside of the app, I fought for gender neutrality on the site.

  • The Witness, 2011 - 2012 — IT/exploratory iOS porting
  • Koduco Games, 2009 - 2011 — Co-founder/game designer/developer

    Koduco Games specialized in creating nonviolent, progressive cooperative multiplayer games for tablets. As part of the Y Combinator Summer 2010 class, my friend and I designed and developed an arcade game mashup that received over 40 thousand downloads and received placement in the Apple-curated "Lost In Space" collection of games.

  • Web Ecology Project, 2008 - 2010 — Founding researcher

    An informal, interdisplinary group of researchers, the Web Ecology Project produced timely reports regarding events on Twitter, balancing qualitative and quantitative methodologies. We received press coverage from the likes of The New York Times, Foreign Policy, the New Yorker, and more.


  • Nonprofit videographer, 2010 - present

    I like to use media to support the missions of nonprofits. In 2010, recorded footage and produced a trailer for Hack The Future, a group of volunteer hands-on educators, to show to institutions like Stanford and Microsoft for support (it worked). Later, I footage for the 2013 Allied Media Conference video.

  • PongVaders, 2010

    A co-operative arcade game mashup. Featured by Apple in their Lost In Space collection. Nearly 100k downloads before it received a cease and desist from Atari for using "Pong" in the title. Received a 7/10 from PC Magazine.

  • Xiu Xiu - Daphny 7", 2011 — Cover Photographer
  • "Imperfect Appetites", 2012

    Macro (close-up) cinematography of food.

  • Michelle Tea's "Valencia: The Movie/s", 2011 — Producer, chapter 6
  • Sri Yantra Mandala app, 2010

    A one-day app about the practice of constructing sand mandalas for meditation. Used worldwide, even in a few temples. Featured as New and Noteworthy. Downloaded over ten thousand times. Sound by Disasterpeace.


  • Special Delivery, 2013

    Participated in an international mail art exchange. Audrey Tran covered my piece.

  • Gamma 4: One-Button Objects, 2010

    Designed and built an anti-button – a button which requires effort to prevent it from being triggered – that was used to control a one-button game (think Canabalt).

  • Babycastles: A Retrospective, 2010

    Designed t-shirt merchandise.


  • Game Developer Magazine, January 2013 — wrote Inner Product column.
  • Web Game Developer's Cookbook, 2012 — Editor.
  • Killscreen Magazine, 2011 — Contributor; interviewed Bennett 'QWOP' Foddy.


  • My pictures have appeared in publications including The Bold Italic and Eater SF.


  • SXSW, 2010 — Studies In Online Dating