Easy Disinfecting Tips You Can’t Believe You Didn’t Already Know

August 28, 2020 0 Comments

You probably already know that there are hundreds of different ways you could be cleaning and disinfecting your home, and all kinds of different home cleaning products out there that you could be using. Are you simply looking for easier methods for cleaning up around the house?

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There are actually some pretty simple tips that many people are shocked they didn’t already know about when they first learn about them. If you learn something you didn’t already know, you could easily begin incorporating it into your current cleaning routine. If you are in need of home cleaning but just can’t seem to find the time to handle it yourself, an alternative option is to get in touch with commercial cleaning company new orleans professionals who will be able to get the job done for you.

Consider Steam Cleaning Your Microwave

Is there some caked-on food left over from the last time you tried to heat something up in the microwave? If food items aren’t properly covered up, you could face something like your soup or chili “exploding” in the microwave, leaving bits of food all over the microwave for you to clean up with some elbow grease later on.

You can actually put a bowl of hot water into the microwave, set it for five minutes, and wait. The steam in the microwave from the hot water will help to loosen the caked-on stuff in the microwave, making it trivial for you to clean.

Make Your Garbage Disposal Less Odorous-With a Lemon

A lot of trash and old food makes its way down garbage disposals all over the country every single day. Therefore, it should come as no surprise when your garbage disposal starts to get a little smell to it. You can actually use a cut up lemon to ease up on this problem. Simply drop some of the cut lemon down the garbage disposal, and you should notice a lot more pleasant of an aroma next time you turn the garbage disposal on.

These are but a few simple “hacks” you can use in your own home to make cleaning even easier. With some creativity, you can probably come up with your own easy cleaning tips to share with your friends and family.